3 Easy Exercises For Home Workout!

Posted by on Sep 5, 2020 in Home Workout

3 Easy Exercises For Home Workout!

Exercising is an essential practice that can help you to maintain your body really well and improves your mood as well. If you find it hard to take out time for gym or yoga studios, it is better to do a home workout that is equally benefitting, and you can stay healthy and fit without moving an inch from your house.

Exercises that you perform for a workout have a vital role in your complete body and maintaining your health really well. Let us look at three easy exercises for a home workout that is great for keeping your body in shape.

Three easy exercises for home work out!

The exercises or at-home workout moves need to be chosen depending on your purpose of the exercise, whether you want to do it for regular fitness or to shed your pounds. Below mentioned exercises are basic exercises that help in improving stamina and flexibility of the body surely.


Skipping rope: the first one in the listing we have is the light on feet exercise that is skipping rope. Make sure you warm before for ten minutes before you start with skipping rope. It is a great exercise for your heart, improving blood circulation, and shedding your extra pounds. It is a complete workout routine in itself. You can consider skipping for at 10 to 15 minutes after taking short breaks in between.

Jumping jacks: for men and women, a great exercise can strengthen your limbs. For women, it is even more beneficial, especially for women struggling with a big bust. Movement of the upper body is ensured with a exercise that can present you with noticeable results in four weeks, surely. You can do the three sets of jumping jacks for 45 seconds, but people with knee pain or back pain issues can either perform its slow pace or skip on it to avoid any pain.

keeping your body in shape

Burpees: a perfect plank to jump is a great exercise to do a full-body workout. Burpees are helpful in improving the agility of your body and boosting stamina as well. It is three parts consisting of exercise where you perform a plank, push-up, and jump all in one at a modest speed. You can perform 5-10 repetitions of burpees at home. However, if you have back issues, it is better to skip on it.

Hence, these are some great exercises that you can choose to perform at-home workouts and keeping your body fit and in shape.